China Real Estate Association: Rong Qiao Group is named one of the top 31 real estate companies in China in 2020
Date:2020-03-18   |   Browse:9210

On March 18th, China Real Estate Association (CREA) and China Real Estate Evaluation Center of E-House China R&D Institute jointly hosted the "2020 China Top 500 Real Estate Companies Evaluation Results Press Conference and Top 500 Summit Forum".

As the indicator of the strength of real estate companies, the "China's top 500 real estate enterprises" and other series of authoritative ranking have been announced. In the 30th anniversary of its foundation, the Group has won recognition from the national authorities for its comprehensive strength:

In 2020, the Group was listed among the China Top 31 Real Estate Companies, up one place from last year.

It has remained on the list of Best 10 of Performance of China Real Estate Developers for six consecutive years, maintaining a stable rating in financial indicators, sales indicators, brand soft power, national typical projects, and other operating indicators.

As an active player in diversified livelihood industries like B2G and B2C, the Group is committed to delivering people a better lifestyle.

CREA is under the authority of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), PRC. The "Top 500 Real estate Development Enterprises in China" evaluation has been carried out for 12 consecutive years. The rankings it published are widely recognized by national and local governments, industry authorities, financial institutions, real estate industry, authoritative media and other national authorities. The rankings also serve as the primary standards to evaluate the comprehensive strength and position of real estate development enterprises, since they are authoritative annual comprehensive strength ranking of China's real estate industry.


2020 Best 31 of China Real Estate Developers


Ranked 2nd place among the 2020 Best 10 of Performance of China Real Estate Developers

According to The Evaluation Report on the Top 500 China’s Real Estate Developers in 2020, 2019 is the year when the real estate industry bade farewell to extensive development. In 2019, the top 500 housing enterprises made corresponding adjustments according to their own development structure and pattern, along with efforts to strengthen endogenous growth, offer multiple services, explore changes to tap into stock market, integrate business chains, and enhance mutual interactivity, the report said. Also, the report pointed out that only less than half of the enterprises being evaluated have their name listed on the top 500 more than 9 times in the past 12 years. Therefore, the Group has showed a steady performance for its appearing nine times on the list over the past 12 years.

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