Rong Qiao aids in the Overseas Chinese Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Museum, and contributes to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Games
Date:2020-01-04   |   Browse:6435

In November 2019, the Overseas Chinese Federation issued the Proposal to Build Overseas Chinese Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Museum, the largest and most abundant ice and snow theme museum to be built in China. The proposed museum will be an important base for the promotion of ice and snow sports and the study of ice and snow culture in the world


Architectural renderings of the museum

(Photo: China Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation)

Driven by patriotism, overseas Chinese at home and abroad are once again doing things for the Olympic Games after contributing to the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

In Fujian, as of December 28, 2019, 93 Fujian overseas Chinese communities from 37 countries and regions had taken actions. For example, more than 10 overseas Chinese leaders from the United States, France, Canada, and other countries gathered at the Fujian Overseas Chinese Theme Pavilion in the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys in Fuzhou to discuss how to contribute to the games.  

The Lin wenjing Charity Foundation under the umbrella of Rong Qiao Group decided to support the building of the museum. “It is our responsibility to pass on Mr. Lin 's patriotism,” one of the Group’s relevant person in charge said. Since its foundation, the Group, carrying on its founder Mr. Lin’s patriotism and aspirations of paying back the society, has remained an actor in public welfare undertakings. "Banyan Tree Partner," "Son of the Earth" and other well-known public welfare projects have been widely praised by all sectors of the society. The Group’s decision to contribute to the construction of the museum also embodies Mr. Lin’s aspirations to help build his hometown. 

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