The Group donated funds and supplies to jointly combat the COVID-19
Date:2020-03-01   |   Browse:6476

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has turned the world into a fate-shared community. At the critical moments of epidemic prevention and control, the Group made coordinated efforts to motivate its global resources, and mobilized overseas Chinese to jointly combat the epidemic.

1) It donated 10 million yuan to the Fuzhou municipal government to support Fuzhou and Wuhan in their fight against the epidemic. 

2) It subscribed 1 million yuan of "Shangshan" charitable trust series to rescue and fight the epidemic in Hubei from Shanghai Charity Trust.

3) Lin Wenjing Charity Foundation launched the charity project of "show love and aid to fight against the epidemic", and called on its staff to donate a total of 628,000 yuan to assist the fight against the virus.

4) It supported Indonesia in its fight against the epidemic, helped Indonesian hospitals and schools to find medical resources, and arranged for purchasing and transportation channels.

5) It purchased materials from overseas to support the Group and Fujian province in the fight against the epidemic. Linwenjing Charity Foundation purchased a total of 309,825 pieces of materials in 6 batches from overseas and donated them to The Red Cross Society of Fujian Province, Fuzhou City and Fuqing City to support the fight against the virus in Fuzhou, Fuqing, Longyan and Shanghang. It also donated materials to support the epidemic prevention of the sectors of the Group, including property management companies, confinement centers, schools, and business management companies.

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