The Rong Qiao Group was founded by the famous Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Lin Wenjing (Sutanto Djuhar) in Fuzhou, China, in 1989. With real-estate development and diversified industries as two driving wheels for development, the Rong Qiao Group’s business involves commerce, property management, hotels, education, healthcare, agriculture, port development, industrial villages and other fields. It's a comprehensive, foreign-funded enterprise with the capacity to achieve industry-wide expansion.

In the industry-wide development chain, the Rong Qiao Real Estate Group focuses on real-estate development, while constructing hub ports and large industrial villages. Based on the industries concerning people’s livelihood encouraged by national policies, the Rong Qiao Industries Group has diversified into commerce, hotels, education, healthcare, agriculture and so on, to serve people’s needs throughout their lifetime.

In corporate development, Rong Qiao adheres to its business philosophy "For Today's Residents, for Future Reference" and its mission to "build an ideal urban life." Focusing on scientific project development and humanistic business management, insisting on repaying the motherland and society, the Rong Qiao is committed to creating "lifelong comforts" as an integrated service provider for a comfortable urban life.

While continuously expanding the business and creating social value, the Rong Qiao never forgets to serve the society. Since its inception, the group has donated more than ¥1.2 billion for the public good. In 2016, the Rong Qiao established Lin Wenjing Foundation. The group insists on fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporate citizen through concrete actions.

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