Rong Qiao Agriculture works with leading domestic and overseas agricultural companies to explore the industry-wide operation of modern agriculture and create "three motors" for the development of the Rong Qiao Agriculture: building the model of direct supply from places of origin, formulating the "national ranch plan" to build ecological ranches, and planning and developing agricultural ecological towns. On the other hand, the Lin Wenjing Foundation established by Rong Qiao initiated "Children of the Earth," a rural leadership support program, to support returning young entrepreneurs in the effort to benefit their hometowns and vitalize rural talents.

Relying on Rong Qiao Group’s superiority in international resources, the Rong Qiao Agriculture will operate the agricultural industry chain with high quality, boost consumption upgrades, serve national development and people's well-being, to bring a safe, healthy and green five-star life to customers.

The model of direct supply from places of origin, the import and sale of foreign high-quality agricultural products The national ranch plan, the establishment of the Rong Qiao self-run professional ecological ranches The construction of agricultural ecological towns, the creation of agricultural innovation towns and rural complexes Commonwealth projects integrate social resources and revitalize rural talents


RAINFOREST is a joint venture between the Rong Qiao Group and Singapore’s famous, giant food-supply chain SANTOMO. It mainly engages in industry-wide supply of global top cattle and sheep varieties, to meet the all-round needs of high-end restaurants, hotels, international schools and high-end consumers. Insisting on the business philosophy that "the food industry is a moral industry," by integrating professional upstream ranch and farm resources and working with authoritative testing centers to control quality from the field to the table, RAINFOREST is committed to providing customers with high-quality natural meat products.

Currently, RAINFOREST selects top cattle and sheep breeds while ensuring traceability throughout the process from cattle and sheep breeding and feeding to fattening. In Fuzhou's Mawei District, the company has a processing center. Taking advantage of the pilot free trade zone’s favorable policies, strategic cooperation will be established with famous companies from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other major beef and mutton-producing countries. Sales terminals and processing and distribution centers will be established in Fuzhou and other cities, to provide one-stop food distribution services for restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, creating a complete industry chain from the place of origin to the dining table.

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