While continuously expanding business and creating social value, Rong Qiao Group never forgets to serve the society. It has donated more than 1.1 billion Yuan for the commonweal. In 2016, Lin Wenjing Foundation was formally established. Focusing on "environmental protection and education", it covers disaster relief, urban construction, health care and people's livelihood to pursue the cause of commonweal and carry out commonweal projects thoroughly.

Rong Qiao has never stopped on the road to the commonweal.

More than 700 million for educationRong Qiao cares for the next generation. The group has donated for many schools and public service stations and set up special education support funds. More than 300 million for urban construction Rong Qiao actively invests in building urban parks, roads, water diversion projects and other public facilities, represented by the Riverside Park in Fuzhou. More than 60 million for afforestationFor environmental protection, Rong Qiao has continued the nationwide tree planting activity "Rong Qiao Green Action" for 5 consecutive years. More than 50 million for health care and disaster relief As a corporate citizen with social responsibility, Rong Qiao has donated many times for compatriots affected by natural disasters and built medical facilities.
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