Real Estate

Real estate is Rong Qiao Group’s core business module. We have the grade-1 qualification for real estate development.

Through decades of development, Rong Qiao Real Estate always upholds “For Today's Residents, For Future Reference” as its business philosophy and regards “Building an Ideal Urban Life” as its duty. Positioned as an integrated service provider for a comfortable urban life, we have built high-quality buildings with “the logo of Rong Qiao”, have won top-class national architectural awards and have written a brilliant page in the construction history of various cities.

At present, the annual sales of Rong Qiao Real Estate have exceeded tens of billions, ranking 34th on the sales performance list of China's real estate enterprises. We have developed real estate projects in 18 cities across China and have served more than 300,000 Rong Qiao property owners.

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