The 32nd anniversary of Rong Qiao Group: Diversifying industries for a better lifestyle
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As a time-honored overseas Chinese enterprise, Rong Qiao has been sharing weal and woe with the motherland in its development. Since 1989 when it was founded, the past 32 years have seen the Group carving out the beauty of cities like a skilled craftsman, acting like an enterprising "urban renewal officer" to promote urban development and iterative renewal, and acting as a key player in the livelihood industry to deliver a better life for the community.

Offering services covering “all aspects of life” for a better lifestyle

Proceeding from the 32 years of accumulation and inheritance, innovation and development, the Group is now focused on real estate and industry, forming a new development dynamic, in which real estate, commercial, property, hotels, education, medical care, agriculture, port development, industrial villages and other diversified industries develop in in a coordinated way.

To promote industrial coordination, Rong Qiao cooperates with the government to optimize the industrial structure, take effective measures to ensure and improve people's wellbeing, accelerate the layout of industries that improve people's livelihood, advance the construction of aspects of life and other areas that bear on people's happiness, and actively practice the philosophy of delivering a better life.

In its three core sectors, namely urban development, housing and commerce, the Group has launched brand new product series, such as Wang series and Yu series, delivering to the community an aesthetic experience of living, high-quality family companionship space, and diversified life scenes. At the community end, Rong Qiao Property has more than 150 projects under management, covering an area of 20 million square meters and providing nearly 600,000 owners with full life cycle services, such as early intervention, property management, diversification, smart community, and community culture.

Rong Qiao’s commercial complexes and hotels have added new landmarks to urban business landscape. For example, Fuzhou Rong Qiao Bund No. 1 and ART MALL have become the holy land of luxury art and fashion, launching nearly 100 art and literature fashion activities throughout the year. Hefei Rongqiaoli has built a sports theme business park to deliver an experience of exquisite neighborhood and community life. Grade A office buildings such as Fuzhou and Tianjin Rong Qiao Center have attracted many fortune 500 enterprises to settle in and maintained a good rental rate. Crowne Plaza can be found in many provincial capitals across the country, each with its own characteristics and excellent reputation.

Agriculture, a livelihood industry bearing on national food security, is the key investment field of Rong Qiao. Rong Qiao Fenglin (Ningxia) Beef Cattle Ecological Industrial Park, an animal husbandry project invested by Rong Qiao in Ningxia’s Guyuan, is one of the major cooperation projects co-promoted by the governments of Fujian and Ningxia. The industrial park covers a total area of 12,000 mu and has nearly 10,000 beef cattle, making itself one of the largest single beef cattle industrial parks in China. Apart from pasture, Rong Qiao Agriculture will pursue long-term development in direct experience of high-quality food materials supply, as well as agricultural ecological town in the future.

In education, Rong Qiao, in cooperation with Sedbergh School, a nearly 500 years old school in the UK, founded Rong Qiao·Sedbergh School, an international bilingual school in 2018, offering 15 years of education to students who receive their schooling in the Group’s kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school. The school has passed the assessment by the International Assessment Department of the University of Cambridge, its first batch of graduates frequently receiving offers from world-class universities. It has played an important role in helping high-tech talents settle in Fuzhou Binhai New Town.

In response to the call of the state to build nongovernmental hospitals, Rong Qiao enters the whole-chain big health industry through Jilin Health. Fujian Linwenjing Memorial Hospital, which has been planned to develop into a level-three general hospital of international standard by cooperating deeply with the UK NHS and other leading international resources, is one of the key construction projects to promote the development of medical and health development in Fujian. After four years of operation, Rong Qiao Maternal and Baby Care Center has developed into a benchmark of the high-end maternal and infant service market in Fuzhou. In medical investment, Rong Qiao, by investing in Tongdao Medical Doctor  Group, has built Fuzhou Tongdao Stomatological Hospital and Fuzhou Gulou Tongdao Hospital.

As the real estate industry undergoes unprecedented changes, only with a mastery of what is certain of the industrial development can a real estate enterprise achieve sustainable growth. Rong Qiao, an enterprise committed to serving cities and a better life, thanks to its far-sighted strategic planning, has both the macro vision of urban operation and micro perspective of serving a better life in its development strategy.

Delivering an ideal community lifestyle

As a key part of its efforts to develop community services, the Group has, over the years, focused on the effective companionship of "the old and the young" in the community. By leveraging industrial resources closely related to people's well-being, the Group provides high-quality community services for the owners, materializing the ideal vision of "Covering All Aspects of Life and Delivering A Better Lifestyle".

Relying on the mature and complete community supporting facilities, Rong Qiao launched the "Constant Companion" program in 2021, a program targeted the old and the young who are the biggest concern of the society. By connecting the two community IPs, namely the Rong Qiao elderly "Ten o'clock Class" and "Morning Youth" junior fitness morning training camp of Rong Qiao community, the Group provides more community service points.

In its effort to help the youth grow healthily, Rong Qiao has launched the national youth public welfare community activity - "Run, morning youth" in the opening season. It also hires professional children's physical fitness coaches, hosting sports development activities for small business owners aged 7-14 for free to enhance children's physical quality and help them develop a habit of scientific exercise.

Athletic training of teenagers, while bringing community and the owners closer together, also build a sports social platform to promote exchanges between owners and create a good atmosphere for national fitness, elevating owners' living experience by offering various services.

For the elderly, Rong Qiao launched the "Ten o'clock Class" in April this year, bringing customized organizational teaching and practical exercises to elderly owners through "online live class + community offline application class". Four courses are offered, namely intelligence, health, art, and sports, to the elderly people, covering various scenarios such as seeing doctor, travel, dining, and finance in their daily life, with the aim to help the elderly learn a variety of new skills and quickly integrate into the modern life.

Committed to public welfare and corporate social responsibility

In the view of Lin Wenjing, founder of Rong Qiao, a successful entrepreneur always feels obliged to help his hometown shake off poverty and backwardness. Therefore, Lin has spent heavily on bridges, roads, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes for his hometown, building the Minjiang River water diversion project, transforming “blood transfusion” into “hemopoiesis”, and sending "hematopoietic machines" to his hometown.

While keeping growing and creating social value, Rong Qiao actively fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen and pays back the society. Lin Wenjing Charity Foundation, whose establishment was approved by Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Department, has donated more than 1.2 billion yuan to social welfare.

This year, the Foundation, with focus on education and medical care, provides opportunities for enterprises, employees, teachers and students, and parents to participate in public welfare activities. By integrating the industrial platform covering “all aspects of life” of Rong Qiao, the Foundation has launched a series of public welfare activities, including student sponsorship program, good-neighborly program, guarding Minjiang River, education for dependent children, and oral health care, resulting in a win-win situation of enterprise development and social benefits.

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