Rong Qiao Group attended the inauguration ceremony of the Overseas Chinese Ice and Snow Museum to fully support the Beijing Winter Olympic Games
Date:2022-01-21   |   Browse:10419

On January 20, 15 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the inauguration ceremony of the Overseas Chinese Ice and Snow Museum & the opening ceremony of "Building Dreams Together for the Shared Future - Overseas Chinese and the Winter Olympics Thematic Exhibition" was hosted at the Museum of Chinese Overseas Chinese History in Beijing. Present at the event sponsored by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and undertaken by Museum of Chinese Overseas Chinese History and Public Welfare Service Management Center of ACFROC were Wan Lijun, secretary of the Leading Party Group and president of ACFROC; Li Zhuobin, member of the Leading Party Group and vice president of ACFROC; leaders from Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and other organization; and Chen Lu, world champion in figure skating. Together, they witnessed overseas Chinese and the motherland share in the glory of the Olympic Games.

In response to the initiative of ACFROC, Rong Qiao donated 20 million yuan to help build the Overseas Chinese Ice and Snow Museum through Lin Wenjing Charity Foundation, and was invited to attend the event as a representative of the donators. Chairman Wan presented the donation plaque personally.

The Overseas Chinese Ice and Snow Museum is the largest and most abundant museum with its theme focused on Winter Olympic Ice and Snow in China, and an important guarantee project during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Acting on the advice of ACFROC, it is named after "Overseas Chinese". Upon completion, it will be an important base for the promotion and communication of ice and snow sports and the research on ice and snow culture in the world. Its construction has won the overwhelming support from overseas Chinese and patriotic overseas Chinese enterprises, receiving a total aid input of about 400 million yuan. Rong Qiao Group, representative of the seven overseas Chinese enterprises that donated 20 million yuan, celebrated the national ice and snow event.

The “Thank-you Letter to all the Donors of the Overseas Chinese Ice and Snow Museum” from the ACFROC affirmed the dedication of overseas Chinese at home and abroad, “Fujian Lin Wenjing Charity Foundation and other well-known overseas Chinese public welfare organizations and enterprises took the lead in providing support, whose concrete actions to help the Winter Olympic have become part of the glory of our time. This is another eruption of love of Chinese people at home and abroad, its flame turning whatever it meets into light and warmth.”

The Museum is located in the main urban area of Chongli, Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province, with a planned floor area of 24,035 square meters. The "interactive experience hall" on the first floor of the Museum is named "Rong Qiao Hall". It is the national ice and snow sports demonstration base designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the General Administration of Sport of China. A complex of culture, sports and science popularization, it is also an important window to present to the world the scientific and technological achievements China has made for the Winter Olympics. Equipped with VR device and other experience equipment, it delivers to visitors a magical experience of ice and snow sports alive with passion and charm.

Active response can always be expected of overseas Chinese to national affairs. A 33-year-old enterprise founded and run by overseas Chinese, Rong Qiao always dock its development with national strategy, bringing the wisdom and strength of overseas Chinese to full play, and playing an important role as an "overseas Chinese card" in promoting social development and growth of private economy. Rong Qiao’s presence is always felt in major national events, such as its donating money and materials to support the country in its fight against COVID-19, its contribution to the first National Youth Games, and its aid to the construction of the Overseas Chinese Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Museum. In short, it fully fulfills its social responsibility as an overseas Chinese enterprise.

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