China and Indonesia signed the "Two Countries and Two Parks" Memorandum of Cooperation, Fuzhou Yuanhong Investment Zone becomes the cooperation park
Date:2021-01-15   |   Browse:4621

On January 12, Wang Yi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister, met with Coordinating Minister Luhut, initiator of Indonesia's cooperation with China, in North Sumatra at invitation. Prior to the talks, the two sides witnessed the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between China and Indonesia on the "Two Countries and Two Parks" Project.

The Project will explore a cooperation mechanism of the pairing parks for industrial connectivity, infrastructure connectivity and mutually beneficial policies, build a cooperation platform consisting mainly of food industry chain and supply chain, and establish a green channel for investment and trade between China and Indonesia.

The Chinese cooperative park of "Two Countries and two Parks" is Fuqing Yuanhong Investment Zone in Fuzhou. As China's first industrial concentration zone to accommodate massive projects of foreign businessmen, it was founded in 1992 by Mr. Lin Shaoliang, a famous enterprise leader in Indonesia, and Mr. Lin Wenjing, founder of Rong Qiao Group, who responded to the national initiative, took the lead in attracting investment to give back to their hometown. Now, Yuanhong Investment Zone, approved by the State Council as a national comprehensive investment zone, is the first standardization demonstration park in Fujian province, with the aim to grow into the largest food industrial chain professional park in China.

As early as in the 1980s, Mr. Lin Shaoliang and Mr. Lin Wenjing, both leaders of Indonesian overseas Chinese businessmen famous in Southeast Asia, out of their concern for the economic construction of their hometown, decided to return to Fujian to start their own business, signing a "five-year plan" to help their hometown for free with the Fuqing government. With their strong support, Fuqing successively established Rong Qiao Industrial Zone, Yuanhong Industrial Concentration Zone, and Hongkuan Industrial Zone. In addition to Yuanhong Wharf, the first 10,000-ton wharf in Fuqing history, the city also planned and developed Jiangyin Port, one of the top ten container ports in China. Hongkuan Innovative Science and Technology Industrial Park also opens this year. All this has, over the many years, contributed to the rapid economic growth of Fuqing.

Indonesia is their second home. It is their shared wish to enhance the economic exchanges between China and Indonesia. At present, construction on Yuan Hong Investment Zone, including facilities, is in full swing, with 21 Indonesian invested enterprises operating in the park. Wang Yi said, “China is ready to tap the markets advantages and domestic demand potential of the two countries, expand China’s imports from Indonesia, increase Chinese investment in Indonesia, promote the sound and balanced development of bilateral trade, and make substantive progress in major projects such as the "Two Countries and Two Parks" initiative.” In the context of international cooperation between China and Indonesia, Fuzhou Yuanhong Investment Zone will link the industries of China and Indonesia and grow into a flagship demonstration project interfacing the Belt and Road Initiative with Indonesia's Global Maritime Fulcrum Strategy.

By inheriting Mr. Lin's love for hometown, carrying forward the spirit of struggle and docking national strategy, Rong Qiao Group has become a comprehensive foreign investment enterprise, with its business covering real estate, property, commerce, education, medical, agriculture, ports, industrial village, and other livelihood industries. Entering the new era, Rong Qiao contributes wisdom and strength of overseas Chinese to Sino-foreign cooperation, promotes regional economic development, builds supporting facilities for people's livelihood, and works hard to materialize the vision of "Covering All Aspects of Life and Delivering A Better Lifestyle".

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