Rong Qiao wish you a happy journey towards new home to celebrate the New Year
Date:2023-01-10   |   Browse:2458

Say goodbye to the past year, a year of much struggle.Where there is sunlight, there is bright prospect.As we manage the upcoming unknown and uncertain, home is always the reliable harbor. Last year, Rong Qiao delivered new houses to nearly 13,000 families.As the New Year approaches nearer, Rong Qiao wishes all a happy journey home. As you celebrate the new year in the new house,all your wishes will come true.

House delivery ahead of schedule

Every wish for a better life merits our redoubled efforts.

For the owners to celebrate the New Year in their new houses, Rong Qiao has had many projects delivered ahead of schedule, such as the delivery of Fuzhou Rongxin Jinjiang 30 days in advance, and delivery of Shanghang Rong Qiao Guandi 15 days in advance. Behind all these “early arrival of happiness” are the aligned efforts of all functions of the company. With all links of work pushed at accelerated speed, the company has sent the owners "earlier and full" Spring Festival wishes.

Quality delivery to ensure the happy journey home

As the New Year comes around the corner, Wuhan-based Rong Qiao Binjiang Tianyu, Fuzhou-based Rong Qiao Zexu Road No.1, Fuzhou-based Hubin Mansion and Nanjing-based Rong Qiao Yujiang, among other projects across the country, work together to ensure owners a happy journey home.  

In addition to promises fulfilled, Rong Qiao also provides the owners with “delivery of house paralleled with property ownership certificate”, helping address their demand for household registration. A series of intimate measures win the hearts of the owners.

Delivery of pretty house to customize multiple beautiful life scenes

From home delivery to the aesthetic landscape home moving line, multi-functional park living facilities, and diversified community business scenes, Rong Qiao, while working on natural growth of the buildings, customizes diversified beautiful elements into the owners’ life scene.

Fuzhou Rong Qiao Bund No. 1 stands beside the Minjiang River, with platinum butlers providing fitness, recreation, business negotiations and other one-stop work and leisure services round the clock to turn the owners into an artist of life. Zexu Road No.1 features design that is light luxury and simple, melting the boundaries of original architecture and complementing the aesthetic garden. To create an aesthetic landscape home moving line, Taicang Rong Qiao Yuejiangnan, Shanghai Jinmaoyue and other select projects across the country, turning the community landscape into a scroll of Jiangnan life. Xiamen Rong Qiao Boyue Mansion has a sinking life hall equipped with guest reception tea room, fitness center, and 4:30 Class, meeting the needs of owners of all ages and creating a warm community for them.

Happy delivery and constant companion for mounting happiness

Delivery is not the end of community operation, but the beginning of lifelong companion.

The moment Rong Qiao delivers ideal home to the owners, its property staff are ready for "wholeheartedly companion", braving the epidemic, typhoon, flood and other crises, visiting lonely elderly on important festivals and holding a series of festival activities, co-building low-noisy environment for candidates for College Entrance Examination and lending a helpful hand to home-learning students. Rong Qiao has provided its reliable, loyal and powerful care and services to all the owners.   

Shining on the way home must be the warmest light in the New Year.Always accompanying the happy journey home, Rong Qiao has lit up the lives of thousands of households. True to its original aspirations, the company will continue to beautify people’s life in the new year. 

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