As the first nonprofit art exhibition space, Rong Qiao Art Space set a good example for Fuzhou culture and art circles. Art changes life. Rong Qiao is always committed to the development and construction of urban culture and art, promoting urban culture for spreading humanity and art.

In Oct. 2016, an exhibition of Lv Shanchuan's works entitled "Mountains and Rivers" In Aug. 2016, an art exhibition of Wu Jianfeng's Chinese paintings entitled "A Journey of Poetry" In May 2016, an exhibition of Lv De'an's works entitled "Concealed Light" In April 2016, an exhibition of Lin Liangfeng's landscape paintings entitled "Mountains and Rivers in My Heart" In March 2016, an exhibition of Li Xiaowei and Kang Huiyong entitled "The Blossom Season" In Jan. 2016, a spring exhibition of Lin Liangfeng, Fang Jinhe and Yang Yuquan’s paintings entitled "Spring in Ink" In Nov. 2015, an exhibition of Fujian's contemporary painters and calligraphers entitled "Fujian Style" In Sept. 2015, an exhibition of a fine collection of painting and calligraphy works from Taiwan and the Mainland entitled "Legacy, Rong Qiao" In July 2015, an exhibition of oil paintings by nine painters, including Hu Zhende and his pupils, entitled "The Breeze" In June 2015, an exhibition of painting and calligraphy works collected by Emperor Qianlong in his artistic life entitled "In the Imperial Palace" In April 2015, an exhibition of Picasso and Wu Guanzhong entitled “The Masters Coming” In Feb. 2015, Riverside Hut Art Museum’s 15th Anniversary Collection Exhibition Tour entitled "Landscape of the Mind" In Dec. 2014, an exchange exhibition of young artists from Taiwan and the Mainland entitled "The Great Wave" In Oct. 2014, the 8th AAC Art, Ecology, Observation Exhibition Tour
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